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angle-left Mercedes-Benz Korea, newly opens brand certified used car showroom in Yongin

M Auto Daily / 2019.1

Mercedes-Benz Korea has newly opened its brand certified used car showroom in Yongin-city.

The showroom is operated by Han Sung Motor, an official dealer of Mercedes-Benz Korea. Mercedes-Benz Korea has a total of 21 certified used car showrooms and aiming to provide systematic and professional sales services by selecting high quality used cars.

Mercedes-Benz Korea has expanded the number of items for used car inspection from 178 to 198 in order to enhance quality and safety.

The standard for purchasing certified used cars is widened from vehicles of under four years and 100,000 km, to under six years and 150,000 km, enabling more customers to experience differentiated services of Mercedes-Benz certified cars.