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angle-left Han Sung Motor donates the artworks of the Dream Gream scholarship students to Yongin Severance Hospital

DNEWS / 2020.12

[EDNEWS = Reporter Lee Geun-woo] Mercedes-Benz Korea's official dealer, Han Sung Motor, donated the artwork, in which the Dream Gream scholarship students took part, to the Yongin Severance Hospital of Yonsei University College of Medicine on January 7th. 

Artist Bae Joon Sung, who taught classes as part of the Dream Gream talent donation project with Han Sung Motor this year, is world-famous artist known for his “lenticular” work, which is applied with a lenticular technique that adds multiple layers to part of the work, allowing viewers to experience such diverse illusions depending on the viewing perspective.
(Second from left) Choi Dong-hoon, General Director of Yongin Severance Hospital, and Yu Rita, pediatrics professor, are appreciating the Dream Gream work of Han Sung Motor.  [Provided by Han Sung Motor ] 
The artwork created by Bae and the Dream Gream scholarship students this time is “The Costume of a Painter - at the studio - into the forest.” Its feature is realizing an imaginary environment where humans and nature coexist in harmony. 

Set against the backdrop of the artist's atelier, with children spreading their dreams beneath our feet through the artwork as a motif, the scribbles on the wall express the children’s creative ideas, and a large dream depicting the utopia in nature in which a child draws on the floor. 

The art class designed to create this artwork was held in a non-face-to-face (contactless) manner due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Artist Bae unveiled his atelier studio over the LAN cable and demonstrated how to use the oil pastel supplies, thereby giving a graphic description of the field online. 

Dream Gream students drew in their own space using oil pastel kits and took part in the class by receiving feedback from the artist. They were satisfied with the class as they were able to obtain new experience on lenticular, a unique art technique, experience sufficient pleasure through the online classes, and participate in the production of artwork. 

Meanwhile, the Han Sung Motor’s Dream Gream Scholarship Program, which marks its 9th year, has continued to unfold a range of activities designed to give back students’ talent. 

Since 2013, starting with the mural painting at the Youngsaeng Orphanage in Daegu, the company has donated mobiles to Chung-Ang University Hospital in Heukseok-dong, and has continued to participate in environmental improvement projects in underdeveloped areas in Seoul and the Seoul Street Art Festival with the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.

Also, in 2017, Han Sung Motor donated numerous artworks to the Korean Medicine Pediatric Center at Kyunghee University Medical Center, and in 2018, it donated a range of artworks to the rehabilitation treatment room at Gangnam-gu Haengbok Convalescence Hospital, as part of its various efforts to deliver a message of support and hope to both the visitors and patients.