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angle-left Benz dealer Han Sung Motor Wrap up the 10th Anniversary Exhibition for “Dream Gream”

NEWSIS / 2021.12

[Seoul = Newsis] Reporter Park Jooyeon = Mercedes-Benz's official dealer Han Sung Motor announced on January 30th that it had successfully wrapped up an exhibition designed to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the “Dream Gream” scholarship program for gifted artists. 

“A Dream of 10 Years,” which has been available since 2012 to retrace the footsteps of Dream Gream, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, was held on the 2nd floor of Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum at the Seoul Arts Center for 10 days between January 9th and 19th. 

The exhibition was designed to allow viewers to appreciate a wide variety of artworks of the Dream Gream students who have been unveiled through a range of art fairs and public art projects, including the Korea International Art Fair, in collaboration with numerous artists based on the new art themes each year. 

The artworks of 14 famous artists from Korea (Kim Euna, Kim Hong Shik, Noh Jun, Bae Joon Sung, Seo Su, Seok Yuni, Seol Dong-ju, Seong Lip, Son Jinhyoung, Artime Joe, Yong Sera, Zin Kijong, Han Kyung-woo, and Hong Ji Hui) who provided artist mentoring to the Dream Gream students were also on display.  The exhibition offers various art genres such as painting, media art, graffiti, printmaking, illustration, and lenticular. 

Korea's first-generation graffiti artist Artime Joe said, "I led the class with an emphasis on releasing the improvised energy that comes across my mind, and the students remained focused and worked well together with me,” and “As one of the students showed a great interest in graffiti, I gave him an extra class, and later, I heard he got into a college of fine arts, which makes me so proud.”

Artist Seong Lib said, "I was, at first, simply trying to help students learn, but as we shared our stories, this experience has also been inspirational and motivational for me.”

Kim So-won (3rd year student at Jeonju Girls' High School), said, (As I have participated in this program for the past 5 years) the classes on video game graphics have been most helpful for me.  I referred to what I learned in the class when applying for universities, and as a result, I have been admitted to the university of my choice, and it has been also helpful for me in choosing the major.”

Ulf Ausprung, CEO of Han Sung Motor, said, "The exhibition was impressive as it displayed the artworks of a wide variety of genres." and “Through this exhibition, we have been able to move towards another goal of Dream Gream, which aims to unveil outstanding artworks to the public, going beyond providing the students with the opportunity to learn.”

Han Sung Motor’s Dream Gream is an art scholarship project of Han Sung Motor, which has been available since 2012, and this program is designed to select middle school and high school students with artistic talent and dreams, together with the Korea Mecenat Association, and provide artistic and financial support until they go on to study at universities.  Currently, 40 Dream Gream scholarship students are matched one-on-one with “Dream Gream Ambassadors,” which consist of 40 art major university student mentors and employees of Han Sung Motor, thus with the total active members of 120 people. 

On January 17th, Han Sung Motor held the Dream Gream Graduation Ceremony on the metaverse platform. Starting with this metaverse graduation ceremony, the company will provide education related to the metaverse to Dream Gream scholarship students next year.