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angle-left Gen.G and Mercedes-Benz’s Official Dealer Han Sung Motor Maintain a Robust Partnership for 2 Years in a Row

FOMOS / 2021.1

Gen.G Esports has officially announced its renewal of the partnership agreement with Mercedes-Benz's official dealer Han Sung Motor and the joint marketing activities of the two companies in 2021. 

Based on the successful partnership that continued for over a year, Gen.G and Han Sung Motor have come to an agreement to continue active communication activities with the e-sports, automotive communities, and customers. With this agreement, Gen.G, together with Han Sung Motor, will further expand their contact with people in their 20s and 30s, and deliver a unique and differentiated brand experience.

As a leading project, the two companies will release an animation video portraying the brand values of Gen.G and Han Sung Motor in February. The video, which will be released exclusively on the official YouTube channels of both companies, will feature cars wrapped by Mercedes-Benz's artists, provided by Han Sung Motor in 2020, and Gen.G LoL team to unveil an interesting brand story. 

In addition, various programs have been developed to increase exchanges with their fans. To commemorate the release of the brand animation and for fans who aspire for the team’s victory at the LCK Spring's split, both companies plan to launch an online social event “Gen.G X Han Sung Motor Esports Package” composed of the gaming computers from the collection of players with their autographs as well as gaming chairs and desks. 

In addition, Han Sung Motor's “EQ Brand Zone” will be installed in the “Gen.G PC Cafe” located in Sinchon to display digital concepts and programs related to the EQ model, thus offering a varied brand experience for e-sports fans in their 20s and 30s. In the second half of this year, the first drive-in outdoor event in Korea will be held for the LCK Summer split’s viewing party.

Arnold Hur, Chief Operating Officer of Gen.G Esports Korea, said, “The partnership with Han Sung Motor has enabled the automotive industry to create values with innovative activities in a broader sphere, including gaming and eSports, to open a new horizon for marketing,” and he added, “Gen.G Esports will continue to endeavor to provide special and premium brand experience for fans to surprise everyone in the video game industry. 

Ulf Ausprung, CEO of Han Sung Motor, said, “After signing the first partnership agreement with Gen.G Esports last year, we have unveiled a variety of innovative joint marketing activities that lead the way for the industry, thereby presenting a future-oriented image of Han Sung Motor to an extensive range of customers.” He further added that, “Han Sung Motor will also remain progressive this year for customers and fans to stand united with a more advanced digital concept and refreshing events.”

After signing the first partnership agreement between an e-sports company and a car dealership last year, Gen.G and Han Sung Motor have laid out a whole variety of innovative joint marketing activities that pave the way for the industry since last April. In particular, they provided their support for the culture and art world which had suffered from COVID-19, and worked with artists in Korea to roll out an art-car project which applies wrapping art to the exclusive vehicles provided to the LoL team players and coaches.  In addition, they have created music under the theme of eSports and conducted a live contactless performance to invigorate the music industry, thus collaborating with the communities of various fields as well as communicating with fans.