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angle-left Han Sung Motor, presents Dream Gream artwork at '2018 KIAF'

Asia Today / 2018.10

The official dealer of Mercedes-Benz, Han Sung Motor, has sponsored and provided car support during the ‘2018 Korea international Art Fair (KIAF)’, which was held October 4th~7th.

At the fair, Han Sung Motor presented the artwork of students from its social contribution program – ‘Dream Gream’ students.

The students had completed an installation named ‘The Unknown Village’, and they developed a video implying a story.

‘The Unknown Village’ is the collaboration of the ideas of the students and the artist Zin Ki-jong.

Ulf Ausprung, CEO of Hang Sung Motor, said, “It was meaningful that art-lovers from all around the world could come together at an international art fair and that the students could present their work of art with pride.”