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angle-left Mercedes dealer sets new trend in customer marketing

Mercedes dealer sets new trend in customer marketing

Korea Herald / 2015.7

Han Sung Motor, Mercedes-Benz’s largest dealer in Korea, took an initiative in customer marketing for high-end cars buyers, by hosting its first motor show at the “Sevit’’ floating island on the Hangang River on July 17-18.

“Celebrating our 30th anniversary, we wanted to conduct a spectacular event with many fun elements that will positively imprint the Han Sung Motor brand on our prospective customers,’’ Han Sung Motor CEO Ulf Ausprung said. 

To capture the interest of visitors, Han Sung Motor displayed 18 different Mercedes-Benz models inside and outside the venue, including Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG, the CLA-Class and G 63 AMG. 

For those who long to drive a Mercedes-Benz car, the company ran the trial ride program during the event with Mercedes-Maybach S 500, the S-Class, the E-Class, the C-Class, A 45 AMG 4 MATIC and the new generation B-Class. 

The company also added different types of fun events, including a magic show, a dance music party and a car auction. 

“In Korea, no dealer has ever conducted its own motor show on such a scale. I think this event offered new experiences to car buyers, car fans and has become a particular identity of Han Sung Motor that wins the heart of the people,” he said. 

The highlight of the motor show was the auction of a StarClass CLA 200 CDI car, with a price tag of 36 million won ($31,100). The StarClass is the brand name for used cars, recognized by Mercedes-Benz. 

Han Sung Motor upgraded the car’s exterior and interior by investing more than 20 million won ($17,300), but auctioned it for half its price tag. The car was sold to Lee Chang-hyun, who lives in western Seoul, for 40.5 million won. The company said it will donate the profit earned from the auction to its young artist talent development program dubbed “Dream Gream.’’ 

Based on positive feedbacks from the event, the CEO said the company will design more customer events to enhance interaction with their current and future customers.

Asked about the changing trend for Mercedes car buyers in Korea, he said, “Not just the sedan models that have been the main focus of Mercedes-Benz sales, we foresee more customer interest in AMG model, Compact Car models and thus a greater growth in the Korean market.’’ 

Market watchers said the diversification of customer demand will further drive the sales of Mercedes-Benz this year amid growing competition among foreign luxury car brands. 

Last year, about 35,000 Mercedes-Benz vehicles were sold in South Korea, a 42 percent hike from a year earlier. Its market share stood at 18 percent in the foreign car market here, which ranked second after BMW, which held a 20 percent share.