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angle-left “What’s up B?! What’s Up Breaking?!”

econovill / 2022.5

  1. ‘What’s Up B’, the first event of the ‘Wanna.B Project’ designed to shed new light on the breaking culture, climaxed with a huge success in Seongsu-dong on May 7th.
  2. Three breakers sponsored by Han Sung Motor (Jeon Ji Ye, Kim Jong-ho, and Park Min-hyuk) as well as the breaking icon 'Jay Park' and a B-boy 'Famous' graced the event with their presence and showed off their splendid performances.
  3. ▲Wonsoju booth ▲4D CAM photo zone ▲Mercedes-AMG G 63 exhibition, and many other forms of entertainment and unique brand experiences

On May 10, 2022, Han Sung Motor (CEO Ulf Ausprung), the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz, announced that the first event of the ‘WANNA.B’ project, which was designed to support and sponsor Korea’s breaking culture, ‘What’s Up B’, ended in a great success.


Han Sung Motor’s ‘What’s Up B’ event held at Layer 41 in Seongsu-dong on May 7th is part of the ‘WANNA.B’ project, which aims to help b-boys and b-girls embodied by passion and compassion rise in their wannabe status. The event was designed to gather the leading breakers and celebrities of Korea to shed new light on breaking, which previously has been perceived as an underground culture, and present the diverse charms unique to the breaking scene as this art form will be making its debut in the 2024 Summer Olympics as part of the official program. The event was held in compliance with the anti-epidemic rules against COVID-19.


On this day, around 200 people gathered to attend the event, and the powerful performances of the three breakers officially sponsored by Han Sung Motor: Jeon Ji Ye (Fresh Bella), Kim Jong-ho (Leon), and Park Min-hyuk (Zooty Zoot) combined with the beat maker and producer DJ Spray’s trendy DJing provided a dynamic sense of presence. In addition, Jay Park, a breakdancing icon and judge at JTBC's dance competition program 'Showdown', and 'Famous' of the B-boy group Oneway Crew commanded the stage as hosts, further livening up the bouncing mood, and their moves and comments captivated the audience.


A variety of other forms of entertainment also caught the attention of those in attendance.  The venue was full of tempting spaces for an array of photo shoots, including Wonsoju's booth, which has been so popular that it is now in short supply, and the 4D CAM photo zone, offering offbeat fun. The event also exhibited Mercedes-AMG G 63, a byword for luxury off-roader vehicles, to provide a unique and distinctive brand experience.


Meanwhile, Han Sung Motor unveiled the ‘WANNA.B’ project as it signed an official sponsorship agreement with three breakdancers (Jeon Ji Ye, Kim Jong-ho, and Park Min-hyuk) in February to expand the growth and base of breaking, which has become an official Olympic sport. Moving forward, Han Sung Motor will unfold a wide variety of marketing activities such as the breakdancing competition with its sponsees to garner public attention.


Ulf Ausprung, CEO of Han Sung Motor, said, “The fact that these talanted dancers and celebrities representing the breaking culture all gathered together to appeal to the powerful charm and sensibility of breaking seemed to drive a fervent response from the consumers. It is imperative we continue to communicate and work with more people through embracing new challenges and attempting to enjoy the breaking culture.