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Han Sung Motor, Starting Ceremony of Art Scholarship Program ‘Dream Gream’

Yonhap News / 2019.2

Han Sung Motor announced that it held its starting ceremony of an annual scholarship program for aspiring artists 'Dream Gream' on 19th at Glad hotel in Yeouido, Seoul.

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Mercedes-Benz Korea, newly opens brand certified used car showroom in Yongin

M Auto Daily / 2019.1

Mercedes-Benz Korea has newly opened its brand certified used car showroom in Yongin-city.

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Han Sung Motor exhibits students' artworks

The Korea Times / 2018.12

Han Sung Motor, the nation's largest Mercedes-Benz dealership firm, showcased artwork by young, talented artists at its Cheongdam Showroom in southeastern Seoul, Tuesday.

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How the best mechanic of Mercedes-Benz nurtured? [Visited the service site of Han Sung Motor]

M Auto Daily / 2018.12

Mercedes-Benz Korea has a total of more than 1,200 service technicians, including 54 national wide showrooms, 58 service centers, 5 accident specialized centers, 1,040 work-bays, and about 1,200 maintenance experts.

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Han Sung Motor’s scholarship recipients showcase works at craft fair

The Korea Herald / 2018.11

Recipients of a scholarship program run by Han Sung Motor, the largest official dealer of Mercedes-Benz here, are participating in a local craft fair that runs through Sunday, the company said Friday.

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