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In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Han Sung Motor has continuously supported its own CSR activity called ‘Dream Gream scholarship program’ for 8 years since 2012.

40 artistically talented students who are living in underprivileged background participate in various programs including artist mentoring, intensive summer art camp and end-of-year exhibition. Moreover, the program provides continuous support to these students until they enter University.  

In 2018, Han Sung Motor conducted 5th collaboration project with its long-term partner, Seoul Foundation For Arts and Culture (SFAC) for ‘Seoul Street Arts Festival’ to provide the citizens of Seoul the opportunity to enjoy the scent of culture during the festival.

Also, Han Sung Motor participated in 2018 Korea International Art Fair (KIAF), the greatest art fair in Asia, as the first amateur artists and received favorable response.

With the opening of world first digitalized showroom in Cheongdam, Dream Gream students participated in tableware design for Mercedes café customers to deliver premium image of Han Sung Motor.

In addition, as an official dealer company, Han Sung Motor is actively participating in MB Korea’s CSR program called ‘Mercedes Promise’, which consists of various voluntary programs with employees as well as fund raising.

As a recognition of such efforts, Han Sung Motor received various awards including, Seoul Contribution Award from the Mayor of Seoul, Mecenat Award from the Minister of Tourism and Culture, CSR Award and Best CEO Award both from Chosun daily newspaper and KCCI (Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry) & Forbes CSR Award.

Moreover, Han Sung Motor received an Appreciation Plaque from Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC) for conducting collaboration projects to improve the environments of Seoul and Han Sung Motor’s CEO Dr. Ausprung was selected as Seoul honorary citizen by City Mayor.

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Details Charitable Organization
CSR fund raising joint with MBK MBK CSR Kids & Future Foundation
HSMC's CSR activity with Mecenat Korea Mecenat Association
2017 SFAC CSR Project Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture (SFAC)
Other local CSR activities Local welfare foundations

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