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angle-left Han Sung Motor, Starting Ceremony of Art Scholarship Program ‘Dream Gream’

Yonhap News / 2019.2

Mercedes-Benz Korea’s official dealer, Han Sung Motor announced that it held its starting ceremony of an annual scholarship program for aspiring artists 'Dream Gream' on 19th at Glad hotel in Yeouido, Seoul.

Dream Gream, which initiated in 2012 and is celebrating the 8th year, is a scholarship project for artistic talents by Han Sung Motor, which provides education and financial support to 40 students every year.

This year's Dream Gream added 15 new recipients, and under the theme of "Customize Your Story" it will carry out diverse activities including Graphic Design, Logo Design, Webtoon.

The CEO of Han Sung Motor, Ulf Ausprung said, "Dream Gream is a program that helps students to grow both artistic and socially".
Added, “We are expecting great art activities this year.”